Just some bits

Today I found some things. I thought I should share


Cute cup-cake kits.

I want to live here!!!! In Daylesford, at Jesse Fairweather's house. Who by the way does some amazing things over at The Foundry... Im sure when I have a moment I will gush and post about the genius that is Jesse Fairweather.

Check out more pics on the Design Files post about her home.

"The Daylesford home of graphic designer Jessie Fairweather - The kitchen is designed around some reclaimed science benches from Melbourne Uni, and Ikea! The floors are black cement. All Photos by Roma Samuel, originally published in Green Magazine." - Design Files

A little in love with Upon a Fold

And now that the post has gone toward paper and stationary goods, I think I will hit publish and try again tomorrow before I click myself silly. 

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