Changes are a comin...

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed an absence around these parts. I know I harp on and on about this plenty, but I feel as though the So Little Time Co. brand is going through a few changes and upheavals at the moment. I have so many new and exciting things on the horizon for the brand and for myself, and I feel as though this blog no longer reflects So Little Time Co. as a brand and as the future.

I am not sure if you are aware, but the website recently got a facelift (you should check it out) and is now sitting at a mid-way point between where we were and where we hope to be (that is a complete online store) and the blog is next in line for an update, as well as some exciting new developments for the brand.

So for now, to relieve myself of pressure, I am taking a short hiatus on blogging. I will be focusing on brushing up my coding skills, tweaking the website and blog, and working hard on an exciting project!

I'll will still be at this domain, and can still be found with regular updates on Twitter and Facebook, but for now, no more blogging. So I shall leave you will two pics of my latest endeavours. 
I have been learning to knit, for no one but myself, which is marvellous fun when you are constantly making with a purpose, as well as feeding off my inspiration board for the exciting project I mentioned.

Until next time…


Turn back time...

I am hoping to apply for a little job opening in the next few days, and as a result, I'm going through all my old work, trying to find some good stuff for a folio refresh. I found these fun type experiments. I sure did have fun at uni.



In my blog-cationing absence, I have not been holidaying. Nope. I've been doing this...

This is just a small sample of our new range that will be launched at Markit@FedSquare this coming Sunday. Sadly, we are just too busy to come up with a fancy name. So we are asking you dear reader to help us name the range. You can WIN one of the two pendant pictured below, just by going to our Facebook page and giving it a name. The only condition is that the name has to have the word TIME in it! Yep, you can suggest anything.... The two winners will be decided the day before Markit (the 28th of May) and the winners will be contacted via email! And bonus... you can pick up your prize from Markit, or we can mail it to you.

We'd love to see you at Markit. In the mean time, we'll get back to the painting!!!



Dearest readers and So Little Time Co. fans,

I'm sad to say that life has taken over these past few weeks, and that blogging has been on the back burner. It's awful,I know, and I am so sorry I did not let you know sooner, but I have decided for my long lists sake and to be fair to you dear reader, that I should rather announce a short hiatus!

The good news in all this is that the hiatus is occurring for a good reason - that being
Between uni assignments, work and volunteering my time and skills, So Little Time Co. Is preparing for a market! Markit to be exact on the 29th of May 2011, and with this preparation will come a new range!

So my dear readers be prepared for a Markit post to kick start this blogs heart once more. Until then dear readers I'll bid you fair well!

x Kirsty

P.s I will be on Twitter, Facebook and plan to send out a newsletter. If you are interested in receiving a newsletter, please email hello@solittletimeco.com and I'll pop you on the list!

Share the Love Fridays #6

So I'm on Twitter, and I love it! It connects people in such an amazing way - you can make new friends, catch up with old ones that you never see and maybe even find out what your dream workplace is up to. To be honest though, I have no idea how anyone finds ME in the giant big world of Twitter, but I was so so glad that Studio Sweet Studio found me, because then I found them, and LOVED what I found.
Yep, this Friday it's all about blog crushing!

Studio Sweet Studio is a blog website and apparently yearly publication (that I would love to get my mits on) which features all sorts of creative people, their work and most exciting to me... their WORKSPACE!
It was created by Meg and Tuesday, both whom are wonderfully talented in their own rights.
In fact, check out their work below.

Amazing Tuesday the illustrator

Nice work from Meg

I love friends who start blogs and create magic together! Thanks Meg and Tuesday for giving me a chance to sticky-beak into creative types' spaces and also for being so darned talented too!

Fashionable Tuesdays # 6

My sweet friend Sophie just got an internship at Romance was Born. I'd of course, never heard of them. So I looked them up. Check out their dino-saur things.

P.S Been very busy updating the website and applying for markets and things... Sorry for the lack of Friday posting.... Will make it up to you xox

Icelandic Adventures...

One of my favourite illustrators/bloggers has been out adventuring, and has truly opened my eyes to the wonder that is Iceland. Needless to say, her photographs could sell anyone... I highly recommend watching her blog over the next short while - these photos were just part 1!

 All images sourced via Kristomatic's blog. 

Tactile Designers

I thought the that seeings as I'm always ranting about university consuming my life and blaming that for the lack of updates here, that I should share with you the things I'm studying.

I wont go into to much detail because it's seriously complex and my brain hurts anytime I think about it in-depth, but I will share with you my fascinating findings and exciting discoveries. Basically I'm looking into tactile design, and the effect that the introduction technology is having on graphic design education in regards to the value (or lack there of) placed on the ability to draw, sketch, craft, create, cut and paste etc.

It's very exciting stuff for me, partly because I am passionate about education, but also because I love making things with my hands, and I don't feel enough graphic designers do this. I think that if I pursue studying in the next few years, it shall be down this track.

So it was much to my excitement that my study partner found that the latest IdN magazine did a feature on tactile design. Maybe it's a buzz word, and just simply was once called craft or handy graphics, but I sure like the word. Tactile. It's reflective of the senses and the emotions which are attached to the way we get around in this world - feel, touch, learn.

Anyway, back to IdN. So much to my delight, they actually featured tactile designers, who consider tactility in their process a valid and important part of design, and quite often the outcome is in a sense, tactile.

Here are some very inspirational examples and their sources, which I highly recommend you check out.
Enjoy your week...

The work of Chrissie Macdonald

And my most very favourite... Julien Vallée


:: Share the Love Fridays #5 ::

Well hello there lovely readers!
I'm so excited that it's Friday. I don't know about you, but this week has been really tough for me. Between uni and work and real life, I'm afraid poor the little blog here has been neglected. But never mind - it's Friday, and time for some inspiration to make for a seriously exciting weekend.

I thought that maybe Share the Love Friday's needed a bit of a shake up. I think it's important to share the love, but maybe to make a bigger deal about just one person at a time. That way there is more love to give, and more attention on their work. Not so much confusion.

So for today's Share the Love I'd like to show you my one of my most very favourite illustrators. I have her cute little otter painting hung on my wall, which I absolutely adore! Dawn Tan is one SUPER talented lass, whose name seems to be popping up everywhere I look. She pretty much famous these days. I follow her blog, which she's very good at updating, and I highly recommend following her if you don't already.

Most exciting of all, she has been working so hard over the last few weeks to open up her first pop up shop, which opens TONIGHT! If you are in Melbourne, you HAVE to go and visit her 
at Harvest Textiles. Click here for all the info. I'm going with Jacinta from allaboutpomegranate 
and I can't wait.
Dawn even runs Adult Watercolour Classes (which I wish with all my might I could go to, but I have uni on Thursday nights) which would be so great to attend.

Oh so talented Dawn, you inspire me to do amazing things with my craft. Your persistence with your art is truly inspirational. Keep going and never give up!!!


::Share the Love Fridays #4::

To celebrate a whole month of Share the Love Fridays, I decided to pull out the big ones. Todays finds are about some very talented folk who really are a huge inspiration to me. If I'm ever lacking motivation, I can just look at what these ladies are up to and feel completely re-inspired. All three ladies' work oozes talent and skill and each of them make the world a better place with their work in their own way.

Oh and don't forget why I'm doing this section on my blog. Share the Love Fridays is about recognising my sources of inspiration, and sharing their amazing talents on my corner of the world. Forget the competition, this is about sharing the love. You can read more here.

Kirbee Lawler is my one-stop-shop for skillful illustrative work. I could simply get lost in her sketches and drawings for hours, especially those characters with over-sized eyes... they are
so darn cute! Kirbee, you are so talented and you inspire me whenever I've hit a wall!
She has a websiteblog, flickr and Etsy shop that you should definitely visit.


Sweet Bestiary is my sculptural idol. She claims to be a maker of sweet beasts but all I know is that Flor makes stunning characters from all sorts of recycled bits and pieces, clay, and paints them. She does all sorts of different things from finger puppets to brooches. I am so glad she chose to share her talents - Flor your characters are gorgeous and so mystical and I adore them. 
She has a website, Etsy Shop and she's on Facebook so you should like her for sure.


Cat Rabbit is by far, my very favourite artist. I get so excited when I see her work popping up in unexpected places. I love her work so much that even my husband knows about it... for my birthday last year, he bought me two of her original illustrations - matching ones of course (such 
a sweet thing he is). They are probably my two most prized possessions and have not left my ever changing wall. I can't even begin to describe how much I adore the characters she creates. I'm saving my pennies for an owl. Cat Rabbit you are truly talented and super duper skilled. 

If you are in Melbourne this weekend, you should pop by her stall at Finders Keepers and say hello! Website/blog and Facebook for sure!!!!

Happy One Month Share the Love Fridays. Here's to encouraging amazing artists.

Fashionable Tuesdays #3

Todays fashion finds come to you from Tsumori Chisato's Summer Spring 2011 line. Pity we are just heading out of it. I am in love with everything ever made by her.