Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Anniversary, Holidays.. oh hang on...

Phew, in all this craziness I've completely neglected the blog, and neglected to show you a glimspe from our last market. We had such a blast at the Harvest Textiles Christmas Market - meet so many new friends, enjoyed the Christmas spirit and some good coffee, and of course the screen printing.

Check out the pics...

We are so thrilled with all that has happened this year, and we have HUGE dreams for next year, including the long overdue updated website and store... (it's coming, I promise).

Cina, Josh and myself hope you had the best Christmas, and enjoy a bit of time off in the New Year (I know we will).

We're off on a little break, and we'll be back in action on the 10th January.
Thanks for all your support - watch out for us in the new year.


Christmas Cheer - Cards

Erin Jang over at Indigo Bunting has made some pretty amazing Christmas cards. If I got one they would for sure make me smile.


Fifi is one Fashionable bunny

I love Rabbits, and I love illustration and quite like fashion too, so it makes sense that I would like Fifi Lapin, who is is one seriously fashionable rabbit. 

She's even got her own book - What shall I wear today?

I am fascinated by the concept of creating an outlet for the inner-alter ego. And I've heard of plenty, so watch for more posts to come about such a topic...

(All images sourced from and are copyright to Fifi Lapin)


All the wild things

I found this amazing photographer (Sharon Montrose) a while ago, but rediscovered her today, and couldn't help myself - I had to post about her. I adore her photos - so clean a simple yet so beautiful - and the animals... oh the beautiful creatures she photographs. A woman after my own heart!

I'm embracing my love for all things wild and gorgeous - a photograph from her is definitely on my wishlist for Christmas this year!

All images are sourced from her website.



Well the weekend just gone was our last market for the year, and we had so much fun. Mostly because we weren't quite so exhausted.

Here are some pics, although they are all on Facebook too...

Stay tuned for the online store and website launch.


Christmas Tree

Despite the fact that I probably won't be at my house for Christmas this year, it's my first Christmas in my new home, as a married women. So this year, I went looking for tree options, that wont die a few days after I put it up, and that may be a good alternative to your average green fir tree.
I was really inspired by Amy Borrells tree in Frankie magazine,

and as I went hunting, I found that there are all sorts of variations of trees.
I settled on this. Lots of work, but it may just last a while.

Source from here.

Craft Hatch

We had our first market on the weekend and it was soooo much fun!

We were ridiculously sleep deprived, but still managed to have a blast, despite a blur of a day.
Here are some pics (excuse the quality), from Craft Victoria, friends and of course our own camera.

Image from Craft Victoria

Image from Craft Victoria

Image from Craft Victoria

Image from Craft Victoria

(Image from Norma. Probably the only one we got as a group with our table all day)

Thanks so much to Jacinta and Josh for being so supportive and the best late night, early morning team ever!

Image from Craft Victoria

Next to come - the website and online shop! Stay tuned...

Meanwhile at So Little Time Co. headquarters...

Monday was hectic but oh so exciting, and I am so thrilled to be able to finally share this. 
My wonderful Josh picked up the most essential items for our market - the actual brooches and necklaces, in puzzle form.

We had 7 of these to pull apart

The first reveal... eeeeek

Looks SOOO pretty

And the sorting begins

The after-math. That's some pretty good tiling right there..

The dish

And her spoon

Earring galore...

All sorted, ready for painting, gluing and contruction

Hard at work painting

It took us hours to just pull all the pieces apart and sort them, but it was so much fun to receive our products. While it's stressful, knowing they are all sitting there in their little bags, awaiting my attention, love and craftiness, it sure is nice to come home and just paint.

I'm just so excited to see a dream that has been brewing for 11 months, finally come to life. And it's a beautiful life...

We are launching this Saturday at Craft Hatch market at the City Library, Level 1, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne between 11am - 4pm. If you are around, pop in, say hi and maybe bring us a coffee if you're feeling nice, because I'm pretty sure we may be a little sleep deprived.