Pumpkin Carving

Yep, I gave it a go tonight. It's not the best, but it was SO fun and looks pretty good.

We had a bit of fun carving it up, whilst watching How to Train Your Dragon (cute movie by the way!) and then had a bit of spooky fun with the camera settings.

I had to trace it first... Cmon I'm a first time carver...

OOOO Im a ghost

What to much fun! Did you carve it up today?

Antiques and Seconds

Josh and I went away for the night on Saturday. We went down Torquay way, stopped for amazing ribs at Parkers Stakehouse in Geelong (amazing) and had a lovely night watching movies, eating musk sticks and falling asleep early, due to a Zyrtec (stupid hayfever). We had a lovely breakfast in bed this morning, and did a little exploring around the coast today which was so much fun. We visited coffee shops, bakehouses and a few antique and op shops. It was just wonderful! Such a nice time away...

We spent hours in this one antique store, which was way to much fun. The cute little Italian couple who owned it were so sweet and friendly, and there were so many under-valued and one of a kind pieces there - it was so nice to be in an un-touched second hand store like that. After all my rummaging, I settled on a cute little suitcase for our little Craft Hatch stand to display our things in. Im so excited to share the final set up... it looks SOOO cute! But for now, check out the cute little suitcase and the gorgeous little drawer I found...

Wiggle Wobble Jiggle Joggle

On Friday night, I gave the layered jelly dessert a go. Being pretty impatient, it was a little tough to wait for each layer to cool a bit, but by putting it in the freezer, things were sped up a little. I found each layer took about 20 mins to cool enough for the next layer, and the smaller ones cooled a bit quicker. I actually prefer the smaller ones... They are the perfect size for eating.

Oh and it tastes AMAZING. So much better than normal jelly. I made so much, I think we'll be eating jelly for a week. Have a look how beautiful it is.

Coming from someone who can't cook - and I even spilt a whole layer all over the counter - this was suprisingly easy. Give it a go.



Image sourced from Janice Adeau

Being on the other side of the world, halloween isn't celebrated here, especially by grumpy old men have their pressure hoses ready for any innocent "trick or treat" passers by - kids beware Which is rather sad, considering the amount of fun and joy I know it can carry for kids and adults alike.

You see I've had the halloween experience. Yeh, so I was 18 years old... Whatever, it was still fun! I dressed up as a lady bug (my 18year old self still wanted to be somewhat cool), but sticking large red dots to my black get up, and putting on a cute little head band with wobbly ear bits. I think I even painted my face. But lucky me, at the time I was living with my then 6 and 8 year old cousins. As is was Canada in late October, snow was on the ground and it was rather cold, the kids outfits were huge suits. My youngest cousin was dressed as a cute little unicorn, not unlike the below photo of the dog. The oldest is a little more maveric, and loves the cold... He moves so fast I can't remember what he wore to be honest. So as it was my first Halloween, my Aunt chuckled as she gave me the job of chaproning the kids around the local neighbourhood. She gave me the run down on all the rules of Trick or Treating in the neighbourhood, and who would have guessed it, but there are some serious Halloween Trick or Treating rules! 

Image from Amy Steins Halloween in Harlem photos 

The two most important rules were - 
Different age groups go out at different times - obviously we were the under 10's so we went out first, just as the light was starting to fade. 
Never approach a house that has their porch light off.... They are a) not home, b) have run out of candy c) never had candy to start with and are not interested in playing along or d) eat children.

So off we went all rugged up and had a blast - fun and cold. I was stunned at the amount of work and effort some people go to on Halloween. Some yards were completely decked out, there was a pumpkin on nearly every porch, nicely carved and beautifully lit up, some people were in full costume when they opened the door, and there was one lady who opened her door very slowly - a creaking sounds, a witches cackle... pitch black inside, and a sudden swing of door and there she was, warts and all (fake I think) cackling away. I must admit even I was a little frightend.
As with all children though, they tired quickly, and decided they had enough candy to retreat. Ok so maybe it was me that decided to retire, mostly because I could no longer feel my feet, and I had a whinging unicorn on my back... like I was the horse. At least she kept me warm with her fluffness. Pity about the front.

So this Sunday, I'll be thinking of my lovely cousins, doing their rounds in their fabulous get ups... 
Possibly, I'll attempt a pumpkin carve...

Do you have Halloween plans?


I think I can...

Image by Keri Smith

I have a secret ambition in life. It's secret cos right now I have some work to do before I can say it. Maybe, if I said it now, I wouldn't try so hard to make it happen, and it wouldn't be a secret anymore, so it wouldn't be my fun little amibition. Maybe if I said it, heads might shake and words like "a little too ambitious"or "you have to be really good to make a living from that", might do the rounds. So I won't tell you what it is, but it goes along the lines of pushing myself to become something that I reallllly want to do! I have a long road to get there, by I have plans for a few shortcuts!

I saw this, and thought I'd re-post... I recon I'll hold onto this quote for now... until I'm ready to show the world what I'm made of. For now, my secret stays safe while I make the transition from "I think I can" to "I REALLY can!".

Fun and edible

My friend and lovely business partner over at Pomegranate showed my this lovely little recipe a few days ago by a very clever lady over here. She's been trying it out, so you should watch her blog for photos of her attempt.

My husband loves jelly, and because he's booked a surprise weekend away (hooray for long weekends), I thought maybe I should make him this as a surprise thankyou.
It's so pretty, and apparently very yummy. 

There is even a video of it! 

Do you want to try it out? Watch the video or look here... 

We're approved, and we're working hard for it

I spent all weekend updating the website and blog, as well as creating a Facebook page and a Twitter. Bear with me as I work it all out...
We are in the process of getting all our items cut... wooohooo! So in the mean time, I did a bit of photoshop work, and managed to create a Sneak Peak image of some of our products that are coming soon. Check it out...

Also, in more news, we have been approved for Craft Hatch. Can you see our little piece of work on the Craft Hatch site? This is so exciting!!!! I can't believe my little idea is slowing coming together!!!!

So check out our new website, take a look at our Facebook and Twitter... like and follow if you so choose, and get ready for more exciting things to come in the next few weeks! For now, a few little screen shots from our website... Be sure to visit it and give some feedback :)


Dreamy day

Post #3 for the month... Yes I'm a bit behind hey? On the up side, I found these beautiful photos from Bunny C's tumblr site.  

Hope you're having a dreamy day too