Bottles and Trade Shows

I've been restless lately. Dreaming of old bottles, gardens, letters, stitching and books... of connecting and being connected. I was so restless I had to write a list so my head didn't explode with my ideas.
One of the things I love about being a creative is the way my brain works. I am constantly dreaming of the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead, waiting for me to discover them. Waiting for me to make it happen... In an industry that's so "doom and gloom," I like to maintain a child-like view of it all. I find keeping my dreams big and staying positive it the best way to approach it all. Keeping myself inspired and my hand busy makes the journey far more enjoyable. I've been watching and learning alot this past week, and have been seriously challenged. It's all been such great motivation to stay fresh, keep dreaming, doing new projects and trying new things. Needless to say I have a few big projects up my sleeve. 

It's been a busy week too, and a busy weekend, with so much to do. I went to Design Made Trade -  a trade show in Melbourne, as part of the State of Design Festival. I saw lots of inspiring things, meet a few cool people, and saw Lucy Feagins on a role with her camera. I'm sure she'll be covering the whole thing over at Design Files. You should check it out.
Then there are the things I've promised to do for others, my own projects I've been wanting to get onto all week. Of course the house is messy and Josh has done so much housework lately that I feel it's definitely my turn!
I sent off my first batch of "wearables" for cutting this week and I can't wait to get them back! Promise to share them as soon as I get my hands on them.

Hope your weekend is as inspired as mine.

image sourced from hotwaterandmilk on flickr.

image sourced from here.

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