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I don't know if you're signed up, but I am... to get "Etsy Find's" emails. My friend Jacinta and I get a little disconcerted when we don't get them, cos you see they come every working day, and we like them very much. It takes alot of the hard work of looking through all the stores, and gives you a good taste of what Etsy has to offer.

Sometimes I just flick through, but I had a close look today and I'm glad I did. I discovered something really beautiful. Michael R Allison and his hand blown glass light drip sculptures. While they cost alot, they sure are beautiful and I would love to have one in my house. Next to my bed would be best, so I can admire it every morning and every night. And if I had enough money, there would be one in my living room too probably.

Images sourced from Michael's website.

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