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I’m a little obsessed with workspaces, and it’s probably my interest in interior design that brings it out in me. I did after all study it for a year – graphic design was more my thing in the end though. See, I’m fascinated by the environments people create to work in, the objects they choose to surround themselves with, the mess, or organisation of their work space, the colours, some even like toys, or books, or flowers, and how this affects their productivity and creativity.

I think the best workplaces are teaming with life, either through the use of colour, or mystery. The kind of workspaces that create intrigue – they make you want to explore, open a draw or a cupboard and see what’s in there. Workspaces that are filled with light are my favourite. Yes light and air are must haves, and a really great view too. I think that work spaces, especially creative ones, need to reflect the workers personality and likes and dislikes in order for the most productivity to occur.  For instance, I find if I surround myself with white, it creates a good blank canvas, so that colour ontop of it can really stand out and make a big difference.

I have a constant vision in my head of my ultimate workspace, which is always changing and always evolving. Workspaces are so fabulous for so many reasons and I think everyone should have one, even if you aren’t a creative. The best thing about workspace is that it’s something that can develop and evolve over time. It can be big or tiny and you slowly collect things, and build up a great little space full of wonderful super-duper stuff that makes you happy. See that’s what a workspace is. Somewhere that you can sit down, with all your beautiful precious things, and write or draw or create. Somewhere that you can read, or check Facebook, or blog or email. Somewhere that makes you really happy and inspired.

So when I found Paul Barbera’s little side project Where They Create, I got really excited. See Paul is an interior photographer, and while travelling on assignments, he looks up artists and creatives in the area he’s heading too, and takes photos of their workspaces, much to my sticky-nosing delight.

Images of Tin & Ed's workspace

Watch out for more nice pictures of work spaces. It’s on my mind at the moment and I have heaps of pics in store.

Oh and here’s a big horray for the most blog posts in a month since I started this little advernture! I’m having so much fun, hope you’re enjoying the reading.

All images sourced from Where They Create by Paul Barbera.

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