We're approved, and we're working hard for it

I spent all weekend updating the website and blog, as well as creating a Facebook page and a Twitter. Bear with me as I work it all out...
We are in the process of getting all our items cut... wooohooo! So in the mean time, I did a bit of photoshop work, and managed to create a Sneak Peak image of some of our products that are coming soon. Check it out...

Also, in more news, we have been approved for Craft Hatch. Can you see our little piece of work on the Craft Hatch site? This is so exciting!!!! I can't believe my little idea is slowing coming together!!!!

So check out our new website, take a look at our Facebook and Twitter... like and follow if you so choose, and get ready for more exciting things to come in the next few weeks! For now, a few little screen shots from our website... Be sure to visit it and give some feedback :)

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Yoki Zarins said...

hello Kirsty! I found your blog through the website for the products (josh posted it on facebook). The designs are really beautiful, I'm really enjoying looking at them. The styling of the site is really great too. I'm following your blog now and look forward to seeing it all develop! Congratulations!

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