Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Anniversary, Holidays.. oh hang on...

Phew, in all this craziness I've completely neglected the blog, and neglected to show you a glimspe from our last market. We had such a blast at the Harvest Textiles Christmas Market - meet so many new friends, enjoyed the Christmas spirit and some good coffee, and of course the screen printing.

Check out the pics...

We are so thrilled with all that has happened this year, and we have HUGE dreams for next year, including the long overdue updated website and store... (it's coming, I promise).

Cina, Josh and myself hope you had the best Christmas, and enjoy a bit of time off in the New Year (I know we will).

We're off on a little break, and we'll be back in action on the 10th January.
Thanks for all your support - watch out for us in the new year.

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handmade romance said...

yay! hope you guys are having a wonderful time. i look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2011 x

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