Share the Love Fridays #6

So I'm on Twitter, and I love it! It connects people in such an amazing way - you can make new friends, catch up with old ones that you never see and maybe even find out what your dream workplace is up to. To be honest though, I have no idea how anyone finds ME in the giant big world of Twitter, but I was so so glad that Studio Sweet Studio found me, because then I found them, and LOVED what I found.
Yep, this Friday it's all about blog crushing!

Studio Sweet Studio is a blog website and apparently yearly publication (that I would love to get my mits on) which features all sorts of creative people, their work and most exciting to me... their WORKSPACE!
It was created by Meg and Tuesday, both whom are wonderfully talented in their own rights.
In fact, check out their work below.

Amazing Tuesday the illustrator

Nice work from Meg

I love friends who start blogs and create magic together! Thanks Meg and Tuesday for giving me a chance to sticky-beak into creative types' spaces and also for being so darned talented too!

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