I'm a closet fashion lover...

Most people who know me, know that I would rather spend my money on travelling, or food, maybe stationary or crafty supplies. Fashion is on the bottom of the list... no wait, make that clothes in general - bottom of the list. 

Throughout uni, most of my clothes had holes in them. I'll admit, my favourites, I still have and shamefully wear, although I either sew them back up, or am very good at hiding those holes.
In fact, as my husband knows all to well, I hate spending over $40 on one item of anything... tops, dresses, pants, jeans, shoes. I hate going shopping, and I jump at any bargain I find when I do go shopping (bought a great pair of leather wedge boots from Novo recently for $30, marked down from $130). In fact, most ladies would be shocked to know that my husband encourages me to "spoil myself" and "go on a shopping spree", and I refuse, because I'd rather save that money for our trip to New York (ironic it's a fashion capital hey?)

Truth be told, while I hate the thought of spending $100 on a pair of shoes (probably because I just can't afford it), at the end of the day, fashion scares me to death.
I've been watching "The City" (sad I know), and the whole fashion world freaks me out. At the end of every episode I breath a sigh of relief that I am not an aspiring fashion designer. The money, the constant need to be on top of it, the way that everyone has different views and opinions and style is something different to everyone...

Having said that, I am a closet fashion lover. I am not brave enough to wear any of what I love, but it doesn't stop me from loving it. Fear is probably what keeps me in my little closet. Fear of getting it wrong, fear of being over-dressed, under-dressed, or even looking like a clown. That also doesn't stop me from appreciating it. From lusting after it too. 

At one point I even thought about starting my own little blog. It was going to be called "A Fashionable Budget", and it was going to share my attempt to be fashionable, on about $50 a week. My findings, creations and journey. But then I realised what a big task that was, got scared and decided not to. I guess I'm just really shy about it.

So why am I posting this? Well today I made a discovery. She featured on The City, but I didn't realise how amazing and inspiring she was until I stumbled, by accident, upon her blog today. Jane Aldridge - A girl after my own heart, her blog is called A Sea of Shoes, and she is - just like me - a lover of shoes. If I could, I'd have as many shoes as her (apparently she has 90+).

Below are some of my favourites of her looks (and she's so darn pretty too - I might just grow my hair and dye it red too)

Givenchy wedges

Vintage silk Ungaro blouse with a plaid Prada Sport skirt. Prada spat shoes from Spring 2008.

Thrifted silk Armani shirt, vintage Levi's 501's and Celine wedges.

The Dress & Co dress and scarf, Givenchy flats and vintage Michael Morris belt.

Hand-dyed vest made of wool and silk chiffon and a wool scarf, by Elizabeth Anyaa, with Quail tee shirt, Madewell jeans, BCBG ponyhair booties, and vintage lucite bracelets.

Hanna Bernhard walrus, Prada studded 'mohawk' shoes, gold vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket with thrifted pleated skirt, and vintage chiffon scarf.

Gucci wooden platforms, Prada bag, dress from Feathers Vintage, Michael Morrison studded belt with a vintage ahnk necklace and vintage Razza ram necklace. Gold chain bracelet from J. Crew.

Dries van Noten pleated skirt, lucite bracelets purchased from Neiman Marcus, a silk shirt and Givenchy shoes. Plus a beetle buckle belt by her aunt Karen.

Vintage Chanel jacket, Y-3 wool pants, Zara scarf, and Chanel wedges.

Vintage sequined tiger print kimono...Jeanette for St. martin. Worn with tee and jeans from Madewell, Alaia sandals, and a Burberry bag.

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