New York New York

It's all I've been dreaming of lately.
Josh and I have plans to move there... maybe in 2012, 2013 at the latest. For fun, for life experience, for something outrageous... maybe to join the rat race, or to build our careers! Who knows... Ahhh New York, New York where dreams are made of... right?
Well I'm hoping that this lady can maybe make my dreams come true...

Australian born (Perth WA), New York based art director, illustrator, typographer and designer Deanne Cheuk is my new designer crush. She got her start at 19 as a magazine art director... before she even graduated from uni. Her illustrative type is beautiful, her obvious obsession with layout is pristine, and she even does patterns for Urban Outfitters and more. In fact she somehow finds time to design and sell tshirts. She won awards, has big name clients, and seems to be a force to be reckoned with. Please do check her website out.

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