Redheads are taking over

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I was just so excited about my wearables, I thought they looked good as the first post on the blog, so I admit, I left it for a while.

But this is pretty exciting too...My cute little niece is turning 1! YAY!
So I did some invites for her as a present, and here they are...

(If you click on the pictures, they are bigger)

Yep, all 70 of them! (Check out the stacks in the picture below) Home printed, hand cut and folded with a staple in the middle. Just like the original match-boxes. It was a bit of a process, and my poor little home printer is cooling off now, but it was so much fun.

The theme of the party is come as your favourite red-head. At first I wasn't sure, but WOW there are so many famous red-heads. This website lists a few if you are interested.

I'm not sure what I'll go as. At first I thought Pippy Long Stockings (my mum called me that when I had long curly piggy tails), but that's not very original, so I'll re-think! My sister-in-law said Lily (my niece) will be going as Pebbles from the Flinstones. SO CUTE! Yep the red heads are taking over.

Apologises about the photo quality. My house is a bit dark these days, being winter and all.

(Address and phone number has been blanked out, cos sorry, you're not invited!)

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Lucy said...

Such a great idea - I would definitely be going as Jessica Rabbit if I were going to a party like that!

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