The importance of a good mascot

A good mascot is a must for any little budding business, and newly married couple...
Sooo, meet Frankie.

Little neck cuddler

We found him here when he was 3 weeks old, and fell in love straight away. We also named him straight away, and I paid for him as soon as I got home to make sure he would be mine forever. We had to wait patiently for quite some time for him to be old enough to leave his mumma. The breeder was so sweet and nice, and she sent me photos of him while we were waiting, and kept giving me updates. I've been so impressed how happy and friendly Frankie is and it's all thanks to her. He loves cuddles and sat on my shoulders cuddling for ages today. He's settled right in already, and seems to be very happy! He's even using his litter box already, at only 8 weeks. So advanced.

Frankie at 3 weeks old

Right now he is dashing around the living room floor, exploring, sniffing and jumping around. Sometimes he gets really excited and just jumps high in the air, and runs really fast and then stops. It's cute when he does this because his ears jump with him, but are a bit delayed in returning to their cute little lop position. That, and he is so fluffy (his fluff is twice the size of him... he's a little thing under all that fluff) and his fluff flows behind him in the wind as he races around.

In his new cage. He's oh so spoilt!

Yep, we're in love with our new little boy!

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