I'm looking forward to it

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Today the sun is out. Spring is in the air, and it's making me restless. Before work, I stood in the sun for 10 minutes, waiting for my coffee, soaking up the vitamin D. At lunch today I might go down to the river, and sit there and draw. I'm looking forward to the next stage of life. The part where I have time, where I have sun during the day, where I have my notebook and some pencils in my bag or hand at all times. Where I cut paper, and paint and create a mess on the front porch through my creativity. A time when I have no money, so stay at home and be creative. I think I'd rather have no money and enjoy the small things in life, than have so much, and be so busy that I miss out on all the good and perfect moments.

Yes I'm looking forward to this time. 

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