All the Mountains...

What a pretty blog I found. Thought I'd pass it onto you. You should read it...
Thanks Amy Borrell for giving us such beautiful things to look at. 

With a few more clicks, you can see that Amy has her creative little mits over all sorts of things.I'll tell you what they are, but you have to do some clicking to see... I don't want to spoilt it.

She's done a patch for the Project Patchwork's The Crafty Ladies & Gent's Quilt.
Amy also has her own blog with her pretty little illustrations.
She has a portfolio website, definitely worth a look..

She has a little project here. Sweet dreams... looks fun, tasty and very bad for the bank account.
Oh annnnnddd she has a blog with Luci Everett called We Make Words. Very fun.

Thanks Amy for making this world a little more creative. 

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