The Importance of being YOU!

I saw an old friend recently, and always after talking to this friend, I walk away feeling inspired by what my friend has achieved since I'd last seen them, but also like my hopes and dreams are not enough. Like I should be chasing my friends life and dreams, and that mine are inadequate. In a way, I get a little jealous, a little disheartened by how easy things seem to come to them, or at least how much time they have found to work at it and make it happen for them. I feel like I have alot of people in my life like that at the moment - they find all this time to do things, or things come their way, or happen to them that leave me gobsmacked, and thinking "did I miss something here"? I guess I'm in a place right now where it's hard to find time for anything, and I have so much thinking time, and so many ideas, but just not enough time for them. I guess it's one of those anomalies of life - you're either too busy to be creative, or you're not busy, but really bored.

But I believe in time - a time and place for everything. I am in a time right now, that requires me to just relax, do my 9 - 5 thing, and just wait it out. I feel couped in in this place that I put myself in - drained of creativity and dreams as work for someone elses cause, but I can see the light at the end. I have so many great ideas, and so many things I hope to achieve by the end of the year, I just have to find time, and make it happen. I've realised that my friend just has huge dreams. My friend keeps their dreams big, and understand the importance of being themselves, and making life happen for them, and no one else. 

Your dreams are important, because they shape your life. What is the point of chasing someone elses' dreams, even if it looks glamorous? In the end, you wont get what your heart desires... and when I really think about it, my heart desires the opposite of all my friend has and is chasing. I guess it looks good, but if my life were to turn out the same way as my friend, well I can't see myself being truly happy.

Being you is important - not what someone else has told you to to be, directly or indirectly.

I read a good quote recently which helped me to understand the importance of me, my dreams, and of not caring to much about other people and their dreams or what they are chasing -

"Don't focus on anything but your own work and your own mission: that way you won't get bogged down in the drama that sometimes hangs around the design world." Grace Bonney

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