It's Thursday and I'm excited!

Hello there. It's Thursday today. Which means it's nearly Friday, and nearly the end of September. WOW! Where did all that time go? The best part, is that summer is coming. Yep, it's just around the corner. How exciting is that? I want to set up my little back yard like this. It looks fresh and summery and oh so inviting. Funnily enough, this image was found on a post here, that talks about the transition from summer to winter. Sorry northern hemisphere, but I'm excited for the transition. It means good things for the south!

Lots has happened this week, and I have lots of exciting things coming up. I'll tell you one of them if you like, but the rest are secret for now!

Remember this?

and this?

Well we (So Little Time Co) are finalising designs, materials, colours websites and lots more, and finally applying for Craft Hatch - for November 13th. Hopefully we get approved - if we are approved, this will be the official launch of So Little Time Co. We hope to have an Esty store (one of my goals for this year), and our products in lots of little shops around Melbourne by the end of the year, as well as a great website and catalogs and lots of other cool stuff! We are so excited about it - we are having a planning meeting tonight!

I can tell you this - there will be 3 ranges - brooches and necklaces - lots of cute characters, some hand stitched details, movable parts and good prices. I can't wait to show them off, so guaranteed there will be lots of showing off the moment I have my little mits on them!

So have a happy Thursday everyone! Cos tomorrow is Friday, and the start of a new month!

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