Wiggle Wobble Jiggle Joggle

On Friday night, I gave the layered jelly dessert a go. Being pretty impatient, it was a little tough to wait for each layer to cool a bit, but by putting it in the freezer, things were sped up a little. I found each layer took about 20 mins to cool enough for the next layer, and the smaller ones cooled a bit quicker. I actually prefer the smaller ones... They are the perfect size for eating.

Oh and it tastes AMAZING. So much better than normal jelly. I made so much, I think we'll be eating jelly for a week. Have a look how beautiful it is.

Coming from someone who can't cook - and I even spilt a whole layer all over the counter - this was suprisingly easy. Give it a go.


Josh Grimshaw said...

still reaping the benefits of this experiment..... yum yum!

Clairsy said...

ah-mazing! I was SO taken with the previous jelly post, good to hear it works. Did you use sour cream too? That sounded weird to me, I wondered if it was a weird american-ism, but if you used it and it was yum it must be right. I'm ready to have a go myself!

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