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Being on the other side of the world, halloween isn't celebrated here, especially by grumpy old men have their pressure hoses ready for any innocent "trick or treat" passers by - kids beware Which is rather sad, considering the amount of fun and joy I know it can carry for kids and adults alike.

You see I've had the halloween experience. Yeh, so I was 18 years old... Whatever, it was still fun! I dressed up as a lady bug (my 18year old self still wanted to be somewhat cool), but sticking large red dots to my black get up, and putting on a cute little head band with wobbly ear bits. I think I even painted my face. But lucky me, at the time I was living with my then 6 and 8 year old cousins. As is was Canada in late October, snow was on the ground and it was rather cold, the kids outfits were huge suits. My youngest cousin was dressed as a cute little unicorn, not unlike the below photo of the dog. The oldest is a little more maveric, and loves the cold... He moves so fast I can't remember what he wore to be honest. So as it was my first Halloween, my Aunt chuckled as she gave me the job of chaproning the kids around the local neighbourhood. She gave me the run down on all the rules of Trick or Treating in the neighbourhood, and who would have guessed it, but there are some serious Halloween Trick or Treating rules! 

Image from Amy Steins Halloween in Harlem photos 

The two most important rules were - 
Different age groups go out at different times - obviously we were the under 10's so we went out first, just as the light was starting to fade. 
Never approach a house that has their porch light off.... They are a) not home, b) have run out of candy c) never had candy to start with and are not interested in playing along or d) eat children.

So off we went all rugged up and had a blast - fun and cold. I was stunned at the amount of work and effort some people go to on Halloween. Some yards were completely decked out, there was a pumpkin on nearly every porch, nicely carved and beautifully lit up, some people were in full costume when they opened the door, and there was one lady who opened her door very slowly - a creaking sounds, a witches cackle... pitch black inside, and a sudden swing of door and there she was, warts and all (fake I think) cackling away. I must admit even I was a little frightend.
As with all children though, they tired quickly, and decided they had enough candy to retreat. Ok so maybe it was me that decided to retire, mostly because I could no longer feel my feet, and I had a whinging unicorn on my back... like I was the horse. At least she kept me warm with her fluffness. Pity about the front.

So this Sunday, I'll be thinking of my lovely cousins, doing their rounds in their fabulous get ups... 
Possibly, I'll attempt a pumpkin carve...

Do you have Halloween plans?

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