Mid-week break

I have to say, a break in the middle of the week was just what the doctor ordered. Days off just help you think clearly, allow you to get your head together and really guide your next step. Josh and I have been thinking about making a big house moving step lately, so a large majority of the day off was spent clarifying how that will happen, but I did spend the day with my family, back home where I grew up, in the clean country air, and I'm not sure if it was the air, or the lovely walk we did around the Puffing Billy track, but I was suddenly inspired about So Little Time Co. this year, and where we are going with it, including the next range.

There has been some VERY exciting developments for So Little Time Co. products, from new markets to the possibility of our products being seen in a few shops. So I thought rather than spoiling the surprises, I would share a few of our little business goals for this year with you.

  • We'd like to have an online shop, completely attached to the website - no more Etsy store.
  • We'd like to make it to 500 Facebook friends, 300 Twitter followers and at least 200 blog readers.
  • We'd like to release 3 new ranges this year.
  • I'd like to have the website done, completed with all links working, bios up and all images.

In other news, to kick off the year, we shall be at Craft Hatch on 12th February 2011 at the City Library in Melbourne. You can find out all the information here, or invite yourself along via Facebook here.

And one other small thing. We've updated the website. WOOHOOO! It's not quite done, but there are many more photos and the link to our store is finally working. As I said, goal before the end of January is to have the website DONE! Including bios on us, all images and links to the Etsy shop from each product, and all links working properly.

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