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I want to start off by apologising for my lack of posts lately. Between an awful bed-ridden sickness and finishing up at my full time job last week, things have just been a little crazy.

So I thought that now I have a bit more time up my sleeve, this blog - and you reader - shall get the attention deserved.

So I'll do a little round up of what's happening in the studio this week and what has already happened in a few little pictures. Please excuse the iPhone quality though.

Found our products stocked at Craft Victoria (not just on the online store anymore)
Don't they look great in the grass?

Our little mascot Frankie was sent off to the vet today for "rabbit castration". While I'm so excited about a well behaved bunny, it was so hard to drop him off this morning. Will keep you updated!

We got a bit silly with some plastic bags while waiting for our doona to wash at the local laundry!

I bought some supplies for a little project I'll be sharing a bit later in the week! And writing lots of lists...

Took a few "last" photos at work and in the alleyway

Speaking of finishing up at work, I thought I'd share the newest member of the studio. She doesn't have a name yet (I'm trying to find out her name) but she sure is gorgeous. She was a goodbye present from work, and when I received her, I nearly cried.
You see, she is a David Bromley - never in my wildest dreams had I thought I could ever own one, but I do. My boss very kindly gave her to me, and told me to always keep the bigger picture in mind. She is quite possibly the most meaningful and thoughtful gift I have ever received.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

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