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Image sourced from Pink Rain Etsy Shop.

Share the Love Fridays is a new concept that I'd like to start here on my little corner of the world. It's a new little section that basically shares some love from my weeks findings. But I want to make it a little different to most Friday shares. See, here is my thinking...

I get that the industry is a tough one (whatever industry you may be in), and it's apparently all about getting ahead and making yourself look better than the person next to you. I get the importance of promoting yourself before others, but I think it would be great if everyone could share some competition love every now and then. Yep, today and every Friday, I want give a little love to someone else who is doing very similar things to me - maybe they inspired me, or have my dream job/ skills/work life or are doing very similar things to So Little Time Co. and need a little encouragement and a remind that I think they are fab and doing a great job, and that they should definitely NOT give up.

I am going to start and continue it every Friday, but if you - dear reader - would like to send me some images of work from people who are doing a great job, who inspire you or who you are simply in complete envy of (in a good way), please send me their info or images to me at hello@solittletimeco.com. (Make sure you send me a link so I can give them due credit too). You can leave your name and a link back to your blog too, or be anonymous if you please.

So today I have 3 people to share with you...

Amy Walters. She makes super cute jewellery from her beautiful illustrations among many other things. You should check out her photo-licious blog, her envy-worthy website and her cute-as-a-button items on her etsy store.

Jacinta Sobey is a wonderful friend of mine, who inspires me and never fails to make me smile. She has some amazing sewing and screen-printing skills, and always has a new idea up her sleeve. Her latest print is definitely my favourite, but I'm in love with her beautiful balloon print too. She'll be launching her new textiles line soon so be sure to check her blog for news on that. I do believe she has an Etsy store though, check that out!

I discovered Mafa of Pink Rain through Etsy (how great is Etsy by the way?) and was INSTANTLY amazed and inspired by her gorgeous work. I think her work speaks for itself, but you should check out her cute shop and sweet blog.

If you'd like to share a bit of love in this space, you should send me an email, or even do it on your own blog too - I'd love to see it everyone sharing the love. Until next time...


Amy Walters said...

Thanks so much! I adore Pink Rain's store too!

Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

what a wonderful surprise to be here with other amazing artists! I'm so happy to read your kind words :)
Thank you!!!

Tirabaralla said...

So much cuteness :D
Lovely finds!

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