Share the Love Fridays #3

So here is Monday, but where was Friday Finds you might ask - where is Friday Finds for the last two weeks?

I have to say that life has just taken over me recently and as I've headed back to uni, the vast amounts of work have just over-run me and for my lack of posting I do apologise – but I shan’t complain, just simply provide. I have a great fashion post all lined up for the coming week as well as some news about what's up with So Little Time. This is Friday Finds #3, so don’t forget to read all about what I’m doing with Friday Finds and why I’m doing it over here on post #1.

This weeks Friday Finds is all about new friends. I met these three amazing people at Craft Hatchs'. Whether they were passing by or holding a stall, I thought it was about time to showcase some local inspiring talent!

Madeleine Sargent is a very creative and clever cookie and the mother of two cute little kids, and she is super nice! But best of all, she makes the most beautiful mobiles I have ever seen. I met her at the last Craft Hatch, after standing there for a while just staring at her beautiful work. I was captivated by every little detail and all the love she puts into her work. Oh and she makes a few other cute things too, like blankies and buntings too. She is super-creative and wonderful nice and you should definitely check out her websiteblog and her Etsy shop too. Thanks Madeleine for making the world a better place with your beautiful handiwork. 


I met Penny when she dropped by our stall last weekend. It was one of those moment when you knew the design, but you didn't know the face to the work. Boy was I glad to meet her. It's so nice to meet people who love what they do so much - which was very evident with Penny! Pocket Carnival is her brand, and Penny draws the cutest little characters, and then better still, she puts them onto fabric and stitches them into wonderfully cute little things. You should go to her website, read her blog and maybe pay a visit to her Etsy store while you are there. Who knows what you will find. Thanks Penny for being super creative and a big inspiration to me.


Hand Drawn House is a Melbourne based textile studio run by Alice Jean McKellar, and boy can she draw - her work is beautiful and extremely detailed. I met Alice a few Craft Hatches ago, and she was so nice, and had the sweetest stories to tell about her studio and her work - if you ever meet her, you should ask all about her studio and where it is hidden. Be sure to visit her website in the mean time. Alice you are super creative and if I could draw like you, I'd conquer the world.

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