::Share the Love Fridays #4::

To celebrate a whole month of Share the Love Fridays, I decided to pull out the big ones. Todays finds are about some very talented folk who really are a huge inspiration to me. If I'm ever lacking motivation, I can just look at what these ladies are up to and feel completely re-inspired. All three ladies' work oozes talent and skill and each of them make the world a better place with their work in their own way.

Oh and don't forget why I'm doing this section on my blog. Share the Love Fridays is about recognising my sources of inspiration, and sharing their amazing talents on my corner of the world. Forget the competition, this is about sharing the love. You can read more here.

Kirbee Lawler is my one-stop-shop for skillful illustrative work. I could simply get lost in her sketches and drawings for hours, especially those characters with over-sized eyes... they are
so darn cute! Kirbee, you are so talented and you inspire me whenever I've hit a wall!
She has a websiteblog, flickr and Etsy shop that you should definitely visit.


Sweet Bestiary is my sculptural idol. She claims to be a maker of sweet beasts but all I know is that Flor makes stunning characters from all sorts of recycled bits and pieces, clay, and paints them. She does all sorts of different things from finger puppets to brooches. I am so glad she chose to share her talents - Flor your characters are gorgeous and so mystical and I adore them. 
She has a website, Etsy Shop and she's on Facebook so you should like her for sure.


Cat Rabbit is by far, my very favourite artist. I get so excited when I see her work popping up in unexpected places. I love her work so much that even my husband knows about it... for my birthday last year, he bought me two of her original illustrations - matching ones of course (such 
a sweet thing he is). They are probably my two most prized possessions and have not left my ever changing wall. I can't even begin to describe how much I adore the characters she creates. I'm saving my pennies for an owl. Cat Rabbit you are truly talented and super duper skilled. 

If you are in Melbourne this weekend, you should pop by her stall at Finders Keepers and say hello! Website/blog and Facebook for sure!!!!

Happy One Month Share the Love Fridays. Here's to encouraging amazing artists.

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